Blogs in San Francisco

Burrito Justice

Ok we're not here to tell you what blogs to read, this is supposed to just be a list of San Francisco blogs that are worth checking out. But Burrito Justice actually *is* a must-read blog, because basically everything this dude posts is awesome and should be consumed by every Bay Area resident. GO READ NOW.

I Live Here SF

This one works a bit differently than most blogs, and is considered more of a literary project than a traditional weblog. The site describes itself as "an open invitation to San Francisco residents to enjoy and participate in" and invites any San Francisco resident to participate by contributing a story or poem about their life in the city.


Regularly updated publication dedicated exclusively to the Mission district. Many authors, many good posts, check this blog when you want to know all the juicy tidbits out of this densely populated San Francisco neihgborhood.


A true gem among San Francisco blogs, the author started in 2005 and each post contains a photo and description. The tagline is "The San Francisco Bay Area, As I See It." The blog ended in 2009 after 1000 posts, but fortunately is still online for our viewing pleasure.


This blog is pure city. This is the place to go to see the streets and life of San Francisco in photos. We love it so much, check it constantly, waiting for the next gorgeous, interesting, heartwarming, fascinating, thought-provoking, intense urban image to be posted by one of the four photographers behind All City. You'll look. You'll subscribe. Then you'll thank us for helping you find such a fantastic San Francisco blog.

scenes from my hood

Kate lives in San Francisco and takes photos of things she sees in her neighborhood and when she travels. She posts almost daily, and each post is generally a photo and a few words, no big articles here. This is a great blog to subscribe to for anyone who wants to see their city through the eyes of another resident.

Mission Local

More of a newspaper than a blog, in many ways (like, they have actual reporters on staff), the publication is all about solid reporting of Mission-related news. And accessibility is important to them, evident by their multilingual website and print circulation. Even if you don't live in the Mission District, this site is worth reading on a regular basis.


"...a love for all things Lower Haight." Intensely local blog focused on the lower Haight. Seriously fun to read, short posts with photos, if you live in or near this neighborhood and you aren't already following this publication, you're seriously lagging behind. Go, now, and read haighteration.

The Richmond District of San Francisco

Named CBS's San Francisco's Most Valuable Blogger, this publication covers the rather large area of The City known as the Richmond District and is updated frequently with photos and local news that you just won't find anywhere else. Do you live in this part of town? Better follow this blog!

Dogpatch Howler

Another hyperlocal blog covering the Dogpatch district. Many locals haven't even heard of this neighborhood until recently, and that's because it wasn't actually recognized as an official district until 2002. There's a ton of great history in what is now known as Dogpatch, and a vibrant and exciting art scene. Dogpatch Howler covers a lot of art, and keeps it super local by rarely (if ever) venturing outside of the official Dogpatch neighborhood.

The Tender

It was consistently updated for over two straight years with all sorts of news, updates, opinions, photos, and other tidbits specific to San Francisco's Tenderloin district, one of the oldest, most colorful (not in a Castro way), and most well-known neighborhoods in San Francisco. Its authors simply don't have time to maintain such an energetic publication anymore, and are even rumored to have left the peninsula altogether! Regardless, there are many great articles in the archives, so definitely worth checking out if you want to learn about the Tenderloin district from some actual locals.

Uptown Almanac

Very entertaining blog, though it reads like it is authored by a bunch of white hipsters who secretly wish they were at least part black. But no matter, these guys cover stuff that happens around The City, especially in the Mission where most of them live. Check it out, you might like it.

Noe Valley SF

This hyper-local blog covers, obviously, stuff that affects the upscale San Francisco neighborhood of Noe Valley, where residents are used to seeing things like a "Ferrari with a baby seat" and much of the district has been officially ranked among the most expensive places in America.


Blog by a person who lives in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. Honestly, can be a little boring, but not so bad that it didn't make our list. It's local, it gets updated regularly, and if you live in the neighborhood, then why not keep up with what your neighbors are writing about?

The Ingleside Light

This blog is actually an online version of the neighborhood newspaper distributed throughout the Ingleside neighborhood, and covers mostly political and business-y topics related to this area of San Francisco. Updated regularly.

40 Going On 28

Entertaining blog written by TK of San Francisco, who claims to rarely leave the city. Lots of juicy local coverage here. Updated frequently.

the Offbeat report

Want to get to know Lauren? You should, because she's super interesting in blog form due to her ability to write, her photography skills, and her high-energy outlook on life. Lauren Friedman shares it all on her blog, and she lives and breathes San Francisco. You might like her!

Fog City Sparkle

Blogger Jennifer in San Francisco had never owned a house before when she bought an 1880s townhouse in Fog City. This blog chronicles her adventures in San Francisco homeownership, with many photos and details. To really enjoy the progression of events and upgrades, go back to the beginning and read your way to the current posts.

San Francisco Citizen

A true local blog, if you live in San Francisco then you need to be reading this publication. With lots of photos, links to citations and other relevant bits of information, and an ability to find stories that are actually interesting to those of us who live and/or work in San Francisco proper. Read this blog. Seriously.

EPA and around the bay

Dude has a camera. He takes pictures of really cool artsy stuff. Photos get posted here. It's awesome.


Not a lot to read here, but who needs words when fantastic images tell a detailed story in this fascinating photo blog? Sally hasn't posted for a few months, but there are loads of good San Francisco photos to browse through on this blog. She has no "About" page, and there aren't even archives, you just have to keep scrolling endlessly if you want to see more posts and pictures. Do it, you may enjoy what you see.

A Beast in a Jungle

Lambert and John, SF locals, are way into opera, jazz, theater, and chili dogs (ok not really, but they do tag some of their posts with a "chili dogs" label). They write about these things in great detail.


Want to read a blog with lots of photos written by a hipster chick who used to live in San Francisco and is super into fashion, photography, and authoring an entire blog without capitalizing a single letter? Erin also really likes other hipsters and the unflattering hipster threads that modern 20-somethings wear to look cool.


Rachel lives in San Francisco. She rides the bus every day to work. Since 2004 she has been blogging about things she observes, mostly during her daily commute. Lots of odd local sightings and quick little stories about things many city dwellers can easily relate to.


Janice is way into architecture and interior design. But for some unknown reason she has actually likes the typical Sunset home style, with its boxy appearance and pastel colors. Sure, some of those places have cool stuff inside, or neat details on the surface. But at the end of the day, aren't they all just big boxes packed together in what is probably the least interesting part of San Francisco? Ok I'm just being snooty now. Sunset is not that bad!

Bottoms Up

Jay Brooks and Jessica Yadegaran explore beer and wine (respectively) in their posts. No one from the staff of this blog is actually from San Francisco, but that's ok (I guess). This blog is also owned by MediaNews Group, which owns a ton of newspapers and blogs around the country.

sacramento street

She cooks, she decorates, she has an eye for color and pleasing arrangements. She takes nice pictures of things -- pleasing domestic scenes, food, clothing, and more -- then posts them on her blog with commentary on what she likes about it, what works and what doesn't, what tastes good and what looks good. And she's relentless. Expect regular updates on this addictive blog.

Sunset Fog

Lisa, a native of San Francisco's Sunset district, finds herself overflowing with thoughts at times and must dump the excess into this blog. From what we can tell, she is wealthy, she is a sports fan, she likes to drink, and she very rarely writes anything specific about San Francisco. You've been warned.


Part of the Gothamist blog network, SFist is definitely worth checking regularly or adding to your RSS reader. From the About page: "...thousands and thousands posts ranging from in-depth features and insightful interviews to bonafide scoops and petty gossip, as well as news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings, and goings-on. We do the research so that you don't have to, link to the stories behind what's in the paper, and we're cheap and easy to find."

Beyond Chron

Basically an anti-SF Chronicle blog, this publication claims to "provide coverage of political and cultural issues often distorted or ignored by the Bay Area's largest newspaper".


Another megablog run by a large organization, but at least it's actually local and focuses entirely on the San Francisco area. Lots to read, many sections, plenty of posts.